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We specialize in medical diagnosis, sterilization, surgical equipment for your hospital or physician's special needs.

Our main products include Autoclaves, Stress Systems, Monitors, Fetal Monitors, Ultrasound Units, ECGs,  and much more...


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Here is an example of what your savings can be!!


Product:        GE Medical Systems Resting ECG

                    w/Monochrome Display, Interpretation,

                     Internal HW Comm Kit & connectivity Key.



                    Cart/Trolley (optional)     

                    Applications Training Kit   



 Regular Price

$ 11,595.00




$ 13,054.00


Resting ECG System


Applications Training Kit


 Your Price

$ 7,995.00



No Charge

$ 8,885.00


We also offer a variety of other medical equipment, please send a quote request with the model numbers of the specific system you desire. Click here to request quotes.